• Single Origin Coffee Barista
  • Lover of Great Teas
  • Future Talmudic Scholar
  • Pseudo PHD in all things Economics and Finance
  • Earthing Pioneer
  • Organic Kosher Foodie
  • Undercover Salsero
  • Kosher Mevushal Wine Level 0 Sommelier
  • Believer in Dunking and Lifting Heavy Weights
  • Occasional attendee of Fabrangens
  • Worst Handwriting Ever

Adam M Hendry

Adam is the Founder and Managing Director of Tzadik Management. Although Adam is the head of a burgeoning Real Estate company, he comes from humble beginnings. Coming from parents with no background in real estate or the financial realm, Adam had to create his own way to becoming a successful company owner. Paying his way through college, he landed a position with a Fortune 500 company after graduation. His time there taught him a lot about business, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, being successful and following a long term morally compassed approach to business. Ultimately Adam decided to branch out on his own to start his lifelong dream, his own company. Upon the founding of Tzadik in 2007, Adam rallied together with his college friends from the University of Florida, Alex Arguelles and David Runyon. Starting from literally “scratch” they put together a savvy business portfolio and model that began to garner recognition in investment banking, debt brokerage, distressed real estate, and ultimately integrated property management.

With a focus on Real Estate, particularly at first low income, Adam realized that Tzadik needed to become an umbrella of a full life cycle Real Estate company, to which Adam created other Tzadik entities, including Tzadik Properties and Tzadik Construction. Adam, then became appointed receiver in State Court and the Tri-County area, as well as Federal Court in Miami Dade County. Within this unique business model and strategy, Adam has brokered 250 Million in notes since 2007, and has managed upwards of 5,000 apartments, along with occasionally dabbling in condo and land development.

Adam oversees the overall operation of Tzadik and focuses on highly efficient processes.  Also, Adam has acquired the rare skill of juggling personalities (Thank you, DISC!) and relationships to get the most out of every employee and project. Adam mostly spends his time on a macro scale but is not afraid to roll up his sleeves, train other employees and accomplish goals. The company Purpose is to Make a Difference, and Adam believes that applies both to employees and residents alike