Austin is the Chief Financial Officer at Tzadik Management. With the company since March of 2016, Austin is responsible for the financial management of the organization, which includes all cash management, financial modeling and reporting, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs, accounting and treasury operations and investment styles.
Where Austin excels is in his fine attention to detail. His ability to identify levers effecting the bigger picture of the company’s direction has helped Tzadik excel in maintaining a steady and productive growth. Pointing out potential road blocks and hurdles along the way helps Tzadik stay ahead of the curve.

Austin got his business degree from the University of Indiana before obtaining his Masters in Finance from the University of Chicago. A Certified Property Manager through the institute of Real Estate Management, Austin previously held the position of CFO for a National Real Estate mixed portfolio, consisting of over 9,500 locations and $450M in assets. He also was CEO of a development company that specialized in stand-alone retail buildings spanning over 8 countries.

Being used to balancing different tasks has proven useful for Austin. He juggles the lives of his three kids, constantly attending their sporting events and other school related functions.


“An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest”- Benjamin Franklin
“In the Stock Market, every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute”- William Feather

Fun Facts

Die Hard Chicago Bears Fan
 A triplet
Youth Soccer Coach (4-year olds, undefeated when you don’t keep score!)