Ryan Wilkserson


  • “If you give, you begin to live”

Fun Facts

  • Performing Musician (Guitars/Vocals)
  • Seen Dave Matthews live over 140 times!!


Ryan Wilkerson

Ryan is the Regional Operations Manager for Daytona Beach and Jacksonville. His mission is to effectively communicate policy and ideas throughout his regions while helping his teams achieve profitability for their properties. 

Ryan relocated back to Florida in 2011 from Nashville, TN to make a change in his career. Having always been interested in leasing apartments to those looking for a home, he found a way into the industry as a leasing agent. He went on to become an assistant manager, property manager and is currently thriving in his role as Regional Manager. 

Ryan is not afraid to work for what he wants. A believer that hard work teaches you the skills you need to nurture other hard workers, he genuinely cares about people and want what is best for them. His perspective is based off of logic and experience and not what necessarily “sounds best”. In addition to leading by example, his compassionate approach to leadership is what sets him apart!

Drew Trayer


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” – William Arthur Ward

Fun Facts

Lover of fast cars



Drew Trayer is the Regional Maintenance Supervisor for the Daytona and Jacksonville Region. Drew helps ensure all communities are adhering to code and compliance for safety and industry standards. Working with the city to coordinate inspections as well as working with local general contractors to help facilitate any major projects, Drew has his hands in all maintenance related tasks throughout northeast Florida. 

With over 14 years in the industry, Drew has worked his way up the ranks to where he is today. Having spent the majority of his professional life in the Daytona area, Drew is extremely familiar with the nuances of local construction and has developed relationships with industry professionals to help ensure he completes his tasks with financial responsibility. 

Drew is very outgoing and specializes in interacting with those he works with. A big believer in open and transparent communication, he does an excellent job of keeping his team on the same page. 

Aaron Pitre


“Effort and Courage are not enough without purpose and direction” – John F. Kennedy



Aaron has oversight of our Texas region. Aaron brings more than 13 years of multifamily industry experience with an extensive background in the oversight of lease ups, stabilized and rehab communities, budget maximization, developing of staff plans and owner and equity partner relationship management. He enjoys the challenge of meeting the owner’s goals, supporting his management teams and always keeping focus on learning and development.

Aaron currently holds several industry certifications, CAM, TCS, UPCS and HQS. He also active in the Institute of Real Estate Management where he is currently pursuing his CPM designation.

Ismael Cuadrado

Will Neuner

Will Neuner, currently Tzadik’s Senior Asset Manager, has been with Tzadik for many years and has seen Tzadik grow from 30 employees to 130 employees. First interning with Tzadik in the summer of 2013, Will learned property management from the ground up working between all of Tzadik’s properties in both Miami-Dade County and Broward County. Soon after completing his Bachelors degree in May 2015, Will returned to Tzadik full time as a Property Manager for the 7 properties located in Miami-Dade County. During his time as Property Manager, Will had an instrumental role in the sales of these 7 properties in Miami. Since returning full time, Will’s title has changed from Property Manager to Project Manager to Senior Asset Manager and he now manages all Capital Expenses, liens and violations and all hurricane related insurance claims. In addition to this, Will is the primary contact with our lenders and loan servicers and is responsible for tracking all of our escrow accounts allocated for Capital spending. Outside of Will’s day to day duties, he also plays a big role in new acquisitions as one of the leaders in the due diligence process.

Having great organizational skills along with a high skill level in Microsoft Excel, Will successfully tracks and manages all Capital spending for the company and can paint a picture of all improvements that have been made to each asset since purchasing. Because Will works with many different departments ranging from the on-site management team, the accounting department as well as the executive team, he is an ideal team player who lives by our core values, especially “we succeed together” and “keeping each other informed.”

Will graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2015 with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning and also competed on the University’s Tennis Team.


Quotes to Live By

“There is no way around hard work. Embrace it. You have to put in the hours  because there’s always something which you can improve.” – Roger Federer

“You have to believe in the long term plan but you need the short term goals to motivate and inspire you.” – Roger Federer

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” – Frank Lloyd Wright


Fun Facts

  • Tennis Fanatic
  • Proud Pensacola Native

Raymond Rotter


Raymond “Gunner” Rotter 

Raymond was brought on by Tzadik for the companies groundbreaking Sioux Falls acquisition. As Regional Maintenance Supervisor, he oversees all maintenance activity in the Midwest Region. In addition to the routine responsibilities, Raymond has taken on the additional task of overseeing the execution of over $10 million in capital improvements throughout the Sioux Falls market. Raymonds presence has helped provide a seamless cohesion between the construction and operational departments within the region.

Starting his career in facilities management, Raymond worked for 15 years with varying construction companies before ultimately discovering his love for customer service. He ultimately found multi-family construction more rewarding due to the compassionate and communicative nature of the work. Raymond’s desire to bring professional quality service to people made him an excellent fit to help uphold the Tzadik standard as they embarked in a new market.

While operating with immense professionalism and pride, Raymond manages to bring a smile to those he works with. His calm and goofy demeanor has allowed for him to build strong and lasting relationships across all levels of the company. He can give insightful and useful information to all departments, ranging from marketing to accounting. Though loose in nature, Raymond never loses sight of the main goal, providing excellent and financially responsible results on a consistent basis.



Quotes to Live By

“Think positive, be positive” 


Fun Facts

  • Enjoys riding motorcycles
  • Collects coins