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QUICKLY qualify for a $100m loan OR HIGHER

Issues qualifying for deals up to $100M+? No Problem. We will work to get the loan approved using our balance sheet and credibility. We sign, you qualify. We also handle Due Diligence and prepare Cap Ex and Management budgets.


  • Bring our balance sheet to get you qualified
  • Integrate property, asset, and construction management
  • Lender liquidity requirements? No problem
  • Experienced borrowing from all lender platforms
  • No broker needed
  • We bring direct connection to the best people at the best lenders


“I have closed Fannie Mae business and have made offers to them in both Bridge and CMBS loans. … the properties they manage perform well. I would be pleased to recommend Tzadik for any Real Estate endeavors or asset acquisitions they may seek.” TIM WRIGHT

“As a CPS3+ Fitch rated servicer of numerous CMBS loans, Bellwether has a long time standing with CMBS lenders and can attest to Tzadik’s stature and his-tory of loan repayment.“ PETER J. BORSTELMANN

“Their knowledge of the banking in-dustry, capital markets and overall real estate arena is unparalleled. All trans-actions I have been involved in with Tzadik have been consummated and expectations met as originally intend-ed.” WILLIAM RUIZ

“Over a compressed schedule, Adam and Tzadik team did an incredible job organizing and closing the transaction. Since closing the deal in August, they have done extraordinari-ly well managing the properties and execut-ing the business plan” MATTHEW KARP

co-gp to fit your needs



20-50% Co-GP dEPENDING
ON lender requirements
and deal risk

  • Full Or Partial Personal Guarantee
  • Signing Carve-Outs
  • Completion Guarantee
  • Interest Reserve Guarantee
  • Enviromental Guarantee
  • Minimimum Net Worth Continual Requirement
  • Minimum Liquidity Requirement
  • Loan Amount
  • Other factors may apply


Texas Re-Entry Acquisition

Re-enter into the Houston market in Texas. Challenge included dealing with a new sponsor who had issues with previous management company and couldn’t secure a loan. Tzadik was able personally guarantee the loan, secured the financing within 30-day window, and sent…

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Cross State Georgia Acquisition

Tzadik had the opportunity to purchase off market in an owner to owner deal.
1000+ unit portfolio that had fallen to disrepair due to mismanagement. Challenges included the following: Three different cities 2.5 hours apart from each other, notoriously low vacancy…

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Florida Record 2,199 Unit Acquisition

Successfully implemented new management, who brought new polices and enhanced unit turn procedures. Reinvestment of capital sustained all property improvements through to stabilization.

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