Hirsch Piekarski

Hirsch is Tzadik’s VP – Ops & BI. Ultimately responsible for the companies bottom line, Hirsch works diligently through a variety of platforms to implement and oversee efficient processes that in turn result in increased profit. Working hand in hand with all departments ranging from leasing to investor relations, Hirsch heavily monitors and tracks all compounding data used in high level reporting. The pioneer of Tzadik’s groundbreaking All Portfolio Summary(APS), Hirsch epitomizes our Core Value of Keeping Each Other Informed, down to the smallest detail. In addition to his commitment to real-time reporting, Hirsch is paramount to the companies forecasting efforts, providing accurate projections for both existing portfolios and potential acquisitions. 

Prior to Hirsch joining Tzadik in May of 2015, Hirsch was the founder and director of a successful Non-profit organization in California for 19 years. There he oversaw and helped orchestrate all aspects of the organization, ranging from Educational classes to outreach and fundraising events. It was here where Hirsch gained a keen ability to analyze and manage operations. In his early stages of Tzadik, Hirsch was brought on as an asset manager and put in charge of monitoring our companies leading indicators on property performance. It was this responsibility that showed Hirsch the nuances of each department, ultimately allowing him to step into the role he has today.

Hirsch is often lauded for his ability to identify the bigger picture without losing sight of the smaller details. With his eye always on efficiency, Hirsch is an excellent resource in any attempt to improve the functionality of any process. His full scale knowledge of the company and commitment to critical thinking allows him to seamlessly transition from department to department, providing valuable insight along the way.



Quotes to Live By

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” – Peter Druker


Fun Facts

  • Volunteer Teacher of Young Professionals on Judaic Studies
  • Has NEVER cut his beard!!!