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Management Services

4 - 6%of Gross Collection
  • 4-6% of Gross Income
  • Annual Adjustment to ensure accuracy

Leasing Commission

New & Renewal
$100 Per Lease
  • $100 Commission on Residential Leases and Renewals
  • 6% Commission on all office and retail contracts
  • 6% of Gross Lease Value

Construction Management

8 - 12%
  • Renovations
  • Curb Appeal Enhancements
  • New Construction
  • Etc

Asset Management

1 - 2%
  • Strategic Planning
  • Expense Reduction
  • Accurate Reporting

Property Management

Proactive not Reactive

Fixing the issue before it arises. We specialize in preventative maintenance and operational repairs to mitigate any future damage. We use tools such as leading key performance indicators to help us anticipate future hurdles.

Reliable and Centralized Support

Though some of our properties might be hundreds of miles away, you’d never know it. We use the latest technology to ensure that all of our properties are given a complete array of tools needed to reach and maintain their goals. From per property accountants to several neighboring communities, we provide full transparency to the property.

Technology Driven Management Style

 We take pride on knowing exactly what is happening on all of our properties at any given time. Our reporting tools are designed to meet the needs of institutional investors or family owned businesses for all asset classes. From proven marketing tactics that drive prospects to our properties, to day to day business analysis, the goal is always the same- to maximize the potential of your communities.

Asset Management

Strategic Planning

Tzadik Management produces exceptional calculated planning to amplify the potential of the asset. From the management of all capital expenses to proforma development and utility strategies, every facet is covered from top to bottom.

Expense Reduction

Expenses are continuously monitored and minimized to their lowest possible level. Tzadik Management seeks to mitigate any current liens and violations; and negotiates all service contracts to generate the best possible outcome. Additionally, we consistently offer the best prices on building materials through economies of scale.

Accurate Reporting

Gain access to transparent reporting, with daily financial statements and standardized reporting packages, keeping you up to date on everything happening with your asset.

Debt Brokership

Cut out the middle men and save hundreds of thousands on fees. With over $150MM in debt obtained in the last year alone Tzadik has countless relationships with direct lenders across the lending spectrum. Let us connect you to the right bank and help you save money and make the process seamless.

Distressed Asset Receivership

Asset Security

We provide a fresh unbiased approach to asset management, by working to sustain and improve the property, while facilitating debt payment.


Our team has extensive experience on legal and financial reporting methods.

Clean Transfer

Our professional documentation process provides a clean turnaround back to the owner or a transition to the lender for sale or management.

We Want to Manage Your Property

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