Tzadik and JM Real Estate Safely Remaining Open During Pandemic

Tzadik Management, an industry-leading, multi-family property management company; and JM Real Estate, Inc., a full-service commercial property management, leasing and sales company which Tzadik Management recently acquired; are taking unique steps to ensure that their employees, residents and tenants ― as well as people in need across the U.S. ― are getting the assistance they need.

Both companies have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, while staying safe and remaining socially distant, to continue to provide clients with the exemplary service for which they are known.

One of the steps that Tzadik Management took was to create the new Tzadik Stimulus Package, which is benefiting all 217 of its employees (including Tzadik Management and JM Real Estate, Inc.) throughout Florida. With the package, employees receive bonuses to go toward added expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Expenses include hand sanitizer, child daycare, indoor children’s toys, TV streaming programs memberships, and more. In addition, team members are also participating in virtual parties with a music jam session with DJ Bam, raffles and giveaways.

As a part of its ongoing support of the community, Tzadik Management donated over $2,500 to Feeding America® to help feed food insecure families in the U.S.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, both companies are continuing business as usual. This includes:

  • 97% daily attendance
  • All work orders completed
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed at each entrance in the corporate office
  • Team meetings held via Microsoft Teams so everyone can remain socially distant
  • Keeping residents and tenants informed on coronavirus and protocol updates, and maintaining open communication for them to ask any questions
  • Guiding commercial owners and tenants on the financial assistance programs that are available, assisting with the application process and negotiating terms of deferrals for qualified tenants and owners with their lenders, where feasible
  • Supplying ample personal protective equipment (PPE) to all sites and keeping supplies stocked (PPE includes masks, hand sanitizer, body shields for maintenance workers and face shields)
  • All employees abiding by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines of staying 6 feet apart at all times, even while continuing to give in-person tours as they were requested

“We are proud to set an example for the real estate industry that we can continue to move forward with new COVID-19 guidelines to keep employees, residents and tenants healthy and safe,” said Tzadik Management Founder and CEO Adam M. Hendry. “No matter what obstacle may be affecting them, we are working by their side.”

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