Enterprise Radio and eMiami Radio Interview with Adam Hendry

This interview with Adam Hendry was recorded for an episode of Enterprise Radio in conjunction with eMiami (Greater Miami Entrepreneurs). The episode is titled: Miami’s Tzadik Management, a rapidly growing, full-scale, opportunistically driven real estate company.

Listen to the interview with host Eric Dye & guest Adam M. Hendry discuss the following:

  • About Tzadik Management and how it came to be
  • What was the most difficult part about getting into the real estate business, particularly Sector 8?
  • Inteviewers ask Adam about how he was appointed receiver in State Court and Tri-County Area, as well as Federal Court in Miami Dade County, and what was that process like and how has it changed his business.
  • Adam Hendry speaks about his latest acquisition.
  • Advice from Adam for young entrepreneurs who are looking to get into the real estate business today.

Duration: 10:13

Listen here!

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