This interview with Adam Hendry was recorded for an episode of Enterprise Radio in conjunction with eMiami (Greater Miami Entrepreneurs). The episode is titled: Miami’s Tzadik Management, a rapidly growing, full-scale, opportunistically driven real estate company.

Listen to the interview with host Eric Dye & guest Adam M. Hendry discuss the following:

  • About Tzadik Management and how it came to be
  • What was the most difficult part about getting into the real estate business, particularly Sector 8?
  • Inteviewers ask Adam about how he was appointed receiver in State Court and Tri-County Area, as well as Federal Court in Miami Dade County, and what was that process like and how has it changed his business.
  • Adam Hendry speaks about his latest acquisition.
  • Advice from Adam for young entrepreneurs who are looking to get into the real estate business today.

Duration: 10:13

Listen here!