Howard Shore

Activate Group founder, speaker and bestselling author of the book Your Business is a Leaky Bucket, Howard M. Shore has helped hundreds of executives and teams to improve performance by finding more profits, more revenue, higher business valuations, less stress, and more time. His clients work in family-owned, multinational, public and private companies ranging from $1 million in revenue to over $1 Billion.

As one of the top business coaches in the United States, Howard knows that the hardest part of your job is managing your people. This came from having owned several companies, working for 3 top Fortune 500 companies (Ryder Systems, AutoNation, and KPMG), and from his experience as a business coach and executive coach.

Howard M. Shore is a Certified Gazelles Coach, Certified Public Accountant Certified Executive Coach, Certified Behavioral Analyst, Certified Values Analyst, and Certified Attributes Index Analyst. He has earned Bachelor and MBA degrees from Florida International University, and completed advanced executive programs at Harvard Law School and the University of Chicago.

Howard M. Shore is an accomplished speaker and member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and has shared his message with organizations around the country.