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This offering presents investors an opportunity to invest in 47-unit multifamily apartment buildings in downtown Dickinson, ND.
Tzadik Management is an experienced real estate investor that currently manages 7500+ units nationwide with experience in all asset class in multifamily investments.  Tzadik Management specializes in direct investments in middle market multifamily real estate all across the United States with current focus in the upper Midwest.

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Suitable location in Dickinson: 

  • Blue Hawk : B-class apartment asset that was just recently built in the past 8 years, and located just minutes away from all that there is to see in Dickinson

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Gateway to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and home to Dickinson State University, is a home rule city that services a population of 25,000-30,000. Dickinson is centrally located in southwestern North Dakota, the midpoint between Fargo, North Dakota and Billings, Montana. Dickinson is a Regional Transportation Hub, with the Interstate Highway, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail Road, and the Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport. Many regional commerce centers throughout the United States and Canada promote themselves as their region’s Queen City due to the positive imagery of a nurturing woman and the association with a lush and bountiful region. As Dickinson is also the gateway to the great American West, Medora, it has also been branded by its modern nickname: “The Western Edge.”

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