Fargo DT3 Portfolio

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Investment Summary

This offering presents investors an opportunity to invest in 144-unit multifamily apartment buildings in Fargo, ND.
Tzadik Management is an experienced real estate investor that currently manages 7500+ units nationwide with a core focus on Class C multifamily investments.  Tzadik Management specializes in direct investments in middle market multifamily real estate and has operational experience in this market.

Portfolio Summary

Prime Location In Fargo MSA:

  • All Three Properties Are Within Half Half-Mile Radius of Each Other in the Urban Core Plus
  • All Three Properties Are Located in an Opportunity Zone
  • Well-Balanced Portfolio of Class-A Apartment Units Mixed With Value-Add Opportunity.

Market Summary

The Fargo MSA continues to thrive because of an economy that is broad & diverse and not reliant on oil production, like many markets in North Dakota. It continues to grow in population, employment, and job creation, and it’s all due to a strong and expanding base of traditional and high-tech industries.

With over 18,000 jobs in the downtown core, there is demand for Class A multifamily. Although the largest number of jobs are in the health care industry; a large portion of the talent-base includes professional, scientific, and technology services.



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