Sponsor Package 2020

Below please see all recent sponsor information on Adam Hendry of Tzadik Management and Tzadik Properties.

Tzadik Management Curriculum Vitae

Explains our culture here at Tzadik, along with the processess we go through on a day to day basis. Case studies are included to give a sense of understanding of the aforementioned.

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Schedule of Real Estate Owned

Lists all properties currently owned in part or in full.


Realized and Unrealized IRR

Realized IRR and Unrealized IRR of the investments in our portfolio to show the individual returns of each of our holdings.


Adam Hendry



  • 7,500+ units Owned and Managed in Florida, Georgia, Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Nebraska
  • Managing Member of all Entities
  • 215 Employees
  • Industry leading Employee Retention