Get Ready for Hurricane Season! Keep These Things In Mind While Preparing:

With the 2018 hurricane season starting June 1, what can owners and property managers do to ensure that their communities are as safe as possible in the event of a major storm? The most important step, industry professionals say: Have a plan in place.

According to Enterprise, an up-front investment in the long-term resilience of a housing property yields financial protection against future losses. Each dollar invested in pre-disaster mitigation leads to an average $4 savings from avoided damages, as stated in Enterprise’s report Strategies for Multifamily Building Resilience.

Relocating electrical panels, mechanical equipment, gas and electric meters, and shut-offs to higher ground can pay dividends in the long run. Moreover, sealing cracks or openings in walls and the foundation and installing sump pumps will shore up a property in the event of a flood. Also, Enterprise advises, operators should install in flood-able spaces building materials—including framing, wallboard, flooring, and ceiling paneling—that can survive water exposure without causing major damage, promoting mold or mildew, or absorbing contaminants.


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