Why You Should Invest In Multifamily Instead Of Single Family Homes

Investing in Multi-Family is a great idea. Partnering up with us to help maximize your investments is an even better one

Many Investors that are starting out seem to think that buying a home and leasing it out is the best way to go.  Although there are some advantages in acquiring a Single Family Residence (“SFR”) there are as many disadvantages as well.   The most pressing advantage for an SFR is that you can typically purchase them  for less money down, allowing you to make use of today’s low interest rates and leverage the return.  The low down payment can be the difference between investing now, and waiting years until you’ve saved up a larger down payment.    However, keep in mind that lenders typically consider anything that is 4 units or less to be an SFR, so you can purchase a 4 unit building for as little down as you would a house.  Of course, the main risk of investing in an SFR comes from the simple fact that if the property goes vacant you are covering 100% of the mortgage payment, taxes and insurance.


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